Direct Lens Technology

As seen in Bicycling Magazine, PezCycling News, CyclingNews.comThe Denver Post, and many more!

We make the finest prescription sport lenses available using our proprietary Direct Lens Technology.  This allows us to put lenses directly into wrap around frames with high curvature that were previously thought to be impossible.  Putting a lens in a curved frame is only part of the equation however.  We’ve developed a unique formula that accommodates for the close fit and wrap of sports frames.  Without this formula prism is induced and power is increased leading to eyestrain, poor depth perception, and poor vision.  This formula is what allows our customers to see better with our lenses than with any of the other prescription sport lenses available today.  We pioneered the technology to put prescription lenses into high curvature frames and we continue to offer superior lenses with higher quality vision than our competitors.